Share your skills, gain new ones, inspire a generation

Without you, young people in Troon would be missing out.

Our volunteers are our everyday heroes!

At the 28th, none of our roles are paid. We are a group of volunteers that handle all of the administration and day to day running that both a youth group and charity needs to keep going. We need people like you to join our group of heroes and make a different in the community.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteers make scouting great. We bring together people of all ages (18+, no maximum age), backgrounds, and skillsets with one common aim. Teaching skills for life.

As well as building CV skills, volunteering in scouting will give you a chance to learn. Not just from the other adults but from the young people we help. Their is a role for everyone, and every adult in scouting is offered training to help them succeed. The only requirement is enthusiasm.

If you’re aged between 14 and 18 and still want to volunteer, then have a look at our Young Leader page for some more information.

What are my Options?

Be a Leader

Our leaders and section assistants work as a team to plan and run an exciting and varied programme for the over 165 young people across our five sections.

All of our leaders come from different backgrounds, some have been in scouting since they were 6 years old, while others started helping when their children joined and caught the scouting bug.

The upshot is that it doesn’t matter what experience you have. You can offer something new to our team as we inspire the next generation.

Join the Exec

Our group executive committee (or exec for short) work behind the scenes to manage the group and our hall.

We have 3 key members: a chair, secretary and treasurer who are supported by a number of other adult members.

Between them, the exec organise fundraising events, coordinate where we spend our funds, deal with hall maintenance, and generally make sure we have the facilities and resources to teach skills for life.

Be Flexible

Everyone has a personal life, so we understand that you may not be able to commit to certain hours or days of the week. That’s why we offer flexibility in everything we do.

Whether you’re involved once a week, once a month or only a couple of times a year, and whether you work directly with our young people or you take on a behind the scenes role with our exec or hall maintenance teams, you can know that you are making a difference. Supporting the next generation.

Volunteer with us Today!