Welcome Back Beavers and Cubs

Beavers and Cubs are ‘Back in Action’ this week as well as Scouts and Explorers!

Here are a few bits of important / useful information:

Tuesday (Rowallan) Colony starts back on Tuesday 10th Jan (5.30pm to 6.45pm)
Thursday (Fullarton) Colony starts back on Thursday 12th Jan (5.30pm to 6.45pm)
Tuesday (Rowallan) Pack starts back on Tuesday 10th Jan (7pm to 8.30pm)
Thursday (Fullarton) Pack starts back on Thursday 12th Jan (7pm to 8.30pm) Occasionally meetings can run over depending on badges to award etc.


Please refer to our separate email re the new online uniform shop we have. Please note the deadline for orders!

Information about uniform can be found here.


Most should have paid by now. If you have still to pay can you please do this promptly as we are due to pay Scout HQ a Membership fee for your child. Those moving from Beavers to Cubs this month have nothing extra to pay as we will simply arrange a transfer of funds between the Sections on your behalf.

New Beavers are due to pay £40 which covers Subscriptions up to the summer.

Our Preferred method of payment (for Beavers) is now directly to our Beaver Account. If you do this please use reference:002 – (then the beavers name) e.g. 002 – Joe Bloggs
Account number 12002062
Sort code 80 22 60

Our preferred method of payment (for Cubs) is now directly to our Cub Account. If you do this please use reference…002 – (then the cubs name) e.g. 002 – Joe Bloggs
Account number 11705860
Sort code 80 22 60

This reference (002) must only be used for subscriptions. We will issue new reference numbers as required for different activities etc. Also where there are siblings in different Sections please keep all payments separate and pay to the Section Account concerned.

We are moving away from payments being made in our office as it is too time consuming on an evening and can lead to errors. We are moving over to online payments for everything except Giant Sleepover and Smartie Collections etc

Contact Details

We will shortly be emailing existing members with a My.Scout link to enable you to check and update personal details as necessary. New members will be emailed the link once your child is entered onto our system. It is vital that we have accurate records should we need to contact you.


Our new system is fully online and is working well. Please remember to update us if there are any changes. New Members will be sent the Medical email or you can simply access via the following link: https://28thayrshire.org.uk/resources/annual-medical-form/

Gift Aid

An email will come out shortly re Gift Aid. We are recording all Gift Aid now on our Online Scout Manager (OSM) system. It is a simple procedure to go online and complete the declaration.

Leader Help

We desperately need help in our Beaver and Cub Sections from Beavers to be able to continue our active programme. If you are even slightly interested in knowing more please get in touch with us and we will let you know what is involved.


We like to make things as simple as possible. Unless we have a Leader crisis we plan as usual to stay open for normal Section Meetings throughout the Year and only close for Christmas and summer. We realise that other organisations/clubs close for holidays on September weekend, October week, Easter, May Day etc. but we usually stay open. There always are some who think that if the schools are off so are we. This is only the case for Christmas and summer.

We hope that all our existing Members will be returning as we have a new and exciting programme ahead. Should this not be the case however, can you please let us know so that we can make any necessary changes to our register etc and invite someone to join us off our lengthy waiting lists. New members, new and improved faces in the Leader Team, new programme and lots of things planned for the coming season – 2017 looks set to be very exciting and packed with action!

We hope you all had a fantastic holiday.

Looking forward to seeing you all back!