The Big Job Update

An update on the work at the Hall carried out over the weekend of the 8th and 9th December…and a big thanks to those who pitched up to help with our ‘Big Job’.

The trees along the front of the Hall have been removed as unfortunately they had got a little out of hand. A drain has been put in at the pedestrian gate to try to fix our flooding problem and a whole lot of tidying up was carried out. It has made a massive difference at the front of the hall, giving us a lot more space and light! The plan is to plant new trees or hedging along the boundary in addition to along the top of the station embankment. Also (hopefully!) we will no longer have a lake to jump over when coming in the gate.

Obviously the work has created a large pile of stuff to be taken away. The first skip has been filled and will be uplifted and replaced with an empty one. Anyone who is able to assist with skip filling of an evening would be made most welcome as we plan to clear the area as quickly as possible.

We have also had to put a concrete slab over the end of the new drain to help protect it as some drivers park or turn very close to the fence. With that in mind, especially on the dark and wet winter nights can we ask again that anyone dropping off or picking up children on our Section nights, park out on the surrounding streets. To reduce the chances of an accident involving one of our Members please do not drive into the compound. To increase safety it should ideally only be used for Leader Vehicles as we usually arrive first and leave last.

Thanks to Alan Rowan (and David) who supplied all the machinery and a full days labour to help make our Big Job day possible. David Mathieson our GSL provided some much needed tea, scones and doughnuts for the mid morning break! Thanks also to Angus Mossie, Stuart Mossie, Nick Cochrane, John McHugh and Douglas McIvor for giving us a few hours of their time on Saturday and Dougie pitched up again on Sunday along with Finlay to help with final tidy up.