Swimming Staged Badge

We have booked Troon Swimming Pool on Sat 9th March to run the Staged Swimming Badge for our Cubs.  It is from 4.30pm to 6.30pm and will be non-uniform and people should be at pool and ready to go into water for 4.30pm.  Due to time constraints we will only be covering Stages 1 to 3.

There will be no cost as the Section will be paying for the Pool Hire.

Please bring swimming shorts or trunks, towel and t-shirt for pool side. Also remember goggles etc if needed. Cubs must be able to swim without aids such as arm bands or similar.

We have exclusive use of the pool so you can bring towel and t-shirt in to pool side with you as there will be times when you are waiting about between activities and may get a little cold.  If you are attempting Stage 3 then please remember to bring a t-shirt you can go in the pool with and swim.

Parents are welcome to stay and watch. If anyone happens to be a swimming coach or similar we would be glad of your help. Pool is booked for 2 hours so if we finish before that we can have a play around and a few games. If anyone cannot make the 4.30pm start but can make it a bit later (within reason) just let us know and you can still participate as Stages 1 and 2 do not take long.

Badges will be Awarded to idividuals for the highest Stage achieved – if a Cub easily manages Stage 1 and then decides to complete Stage 2 then only Stage 2 will be awarded. Cubs can opt to start on any Stage if they think they are capable. Some may even already have Stage 1 or 2. Please take some time to look at the requirements for each badge before deciding what stage to attempt.

We will be asking the Cubs over the next couple of weeks if they wish to attend and what Stage they want to attempt. Emailing us would be very helpful. We could do with knowing rough numbers to allow us to offer it to other Sections if there is sufficient space. Please read the requirements carefully. Cubs should only participate if they are capable of completing the requirements. Treading Water is particularly hard so get the practice in!

Badges achieved will be awarded on Section Nights and points will be given for attendance.

Looking forward to a fun afternoon!

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