The online form is our standard Medical Form and should be completed and submitted as soon as possible. You must have completed one of these forms before your child can take part in any camps or adventurous activities. The Form will cover all Section Nights, Sleepovers, Weekend Camps and other Activities for the Section your child is a member of. PLEASE submit an updated version as soon as possible if there are any changes to any of the Medical or Contact Details on the form.

We are using a standard form now for any activities involving an overnight stay or where significant travel is involved. Therefore the same form covers Beaver and Cub Sleepovers; Cub, Scout or Explorer Camps and any other activity where it may be necessary for us to have these details. As it is a standard form Water Activities are mentioned – you will of course be informed if they are to be part of the programme.

Please take time to complete the form accurately. The question regarding Immunisation status should usually be answered YES. Please note we cannot take your child on a residential activity if immunisations are incomplete. Please feel free to contact Craig ( if you have any queries / concerns.


It is likely that we will ask for a separate Form for Special events such as Kandersteg or Jamborees.