Our Buff is back in stock and we now have it in Yellow as well as Black and it certainly looks smart!
A Buff is a great piece of Head Gear that is very adaptable. It is becoming very popular with people of all ages and is stocked by most outdoor pursuits shops such as Blacks, Tisos, Cotswolds etc.

We have had our own customised Buff designed (see below) based on our Climbing Wall which many of you have seen. It is entirely unique to our Group and cannot be be purchased in any shop. The 28th Ayrshire Buff can only be purchased through our Group which makes it very special.

There are 5 different types of Buff that can be made: Original, High UV Protection, Visor, Reflective and Polar. We have chosen the High UV Protection Buff which is made of Coolmax as these are usually the most popular. As many of our Members may choose to wear them when out and about on the hills it seemed sensible to get the Coolmax version as they offer much better protection.



The RRP for the High UV Protection Coolmax Buff is £14 or more in the shops.

The cost of the 28th Ayrshire Buff will be £12 each

As well as being cheaper than the High Street, remember our Buff is unique so it is excellent value for money!

If paying by cheque please make payable to “28th Ayrshire”

To Order:

There are usually Buffs in stock at the Hall (order forms not usually necessary) so just ask any of the Leader Team on a Section Night and you can get them straight away.

Enquiries to Craig (Thurs Cubs)