One of the things that makes Scouting different from many youth organisations is that we have a uniform. The uniform is different to each section:

Badge Positions

  • Beavers Scouts – a turquoise sweatshirt and navy blue activity trousers
  • Cub Scouts – a dark green sweatshirt and navy blue activity trousers
  • Scouts – a dark green shirt, navy blue activity trousers and Scout belt
  • Explorers – a beige shirt, navy blue activity trousers and Scout belt

Scout Neckie
Each Scout Group has a scarf (neckie) in its own colours. In our case the neckie is yellow with a black trim. The neckie can be tied with a plastic, leather or bound woggle. You will come across other neckies and woggles to celebrate events such as the Scouting Centenary and Scout camps.

When should I get a Uniform?
Your child does not need to wear a uniform for the first few weeks in trying out Scouting. After several weeks the section Leader will tell you when your child will be Invested into the Group. A uniform is needed for this ceremony at which membership badges and a neckie will be presented. All members of the section renew their Scouting promise at the investiture ceremony.

When should I wear my Uniform?
All invested members (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers) are expected to wear the full uniform to weekly meetings. We reserve the right to send home any member who is continually not dressed appropriately for meetings. Note that certain events, such as parades, sleepovers and travel to and from camps require full uniform to be worn.

Where to get a Uniform
New uniform items may be purchased from the Glasgow Scout Shop who have an online service in addition to Scoutshops Ltd or they can be ordered via our Group as we do bulk orders to Scoutshops therefore you avoid postage or fuel costs. Neckies and woggles can be obtained through your section leader.


The positioning of badges on the Uniform can be explained by your section leaders and is shown in diagrams (one for each Section) available online at Uniform Badge Positions.