Lest we forget – Remembrance Day 2014

The Badges we have handed out this week are to mark a very special occasion, 100 years since the beginning of World War 1. Due to it’s significance we wish all our Members to have it sewn on promptly.

We are hoping to repeat the excellent attendance we had last year at the Remembrance Day Parade on Sunday 9th November (details below) especially in such an important year. Cubs will get points for their Sixes and it forms part of their Promise Challenge.

The Badge we have issued will take the place of wearing a poppy so it is important that all have them sewn on and in the correct place.

‘Lest We Forget’ Badge position

Front of left shoulder above purple World Membership Badge or as someone described today – over middle of left collar bone. (Please do not place it elsewhere if you think there is no room due to other badges. Some may have to adjust other badges to make space.) 

Remembrance Day Parade

The 28th have long been supporters of the Remembrance Day Parade and Service. In addition to attending we provide and distribute the Hymn sheets for the Service at the Cenotaph and provide the Loud Speaker system. We look forward to a large turnout of our members – Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. Please note, Beavers do not take part in this parade.

Arrangements for the parade are as follows:

  • Meet at the hall for 9:45am in full uniform
  • Walk down to the assembly area at Troon Primary School
  • Parade through the town to the cenotaph for a Remembrance Service
  • Attend Remembrance Service at Troon Old Parish Church
  • Return to the Scout Hall for about 12:40pm
  • Members who wish to can stay for a light lunch

We always have a large attendance for this event and given the importance of this years anniversary we hope for a repeat this year.