Group Camp 2014 – Cubs

Our Annual Camp for everyone in the Group will be held this year from Friday 30th May to Sunday 1st June at Barskimming Estate near Mauchline.

Cubs and Scouts will go into Camp on Friday evening. They will travel by coach(es) leaving from the Scout HQ at 6.30pm. The journey time is 30 minutes at most. The coach(es) cannot enter the Estate and there will therefore be a 20 minute walk to the camp site which is a very large field adjacent to the River Ayr. Personal kit will be in a van which will take it straight to the camp site so it will not need to be carried.

This is a “green field” camp. There are no showers but portable toilets will be brought in. Washing (should such a thing happen!) will be from a basin. There are no buildings on site and although we will have a marquee for cooking in the event of wet weather we will carry on with the planned programme. It is most important therefore that all those camping bring plenty of extra clothing and wet weather gear. We do find that first timers do sometimes come to such camps with only 1 pair of shorts and 1 sweater etc which is not enough!

You can access the kit list for this camp here.

Please note it mentions Cycle Helmet on the Kit List. If your child has one, he/she should bring it along to the hall on the Friday we leave and hand it in to the designated Leader who will label it and store it separately from the main kit. We will issue an email regarding bikes nearer the time.

Explorers will travel with the Scouts and Cubs but we will be asking those who are able, to join the Leader Team on the Thursday evening to help erect the Marquee and again during the day on Friday to put up tents. Some may therefore travel with Leaders at different times.

The Camp is of course for all Members and Beavers will attend on Saturday for a day’s activity and fun. See separate email.

Cub and Scout Parents who would like to join us for the weekend will be very welcome. See separate mailing in due course.

The cost of the Camp for Cubs, Scouts and Explorers Camping will be £35.00.


Our Preferred method of payment (for Cubs) is now directly to our Cub Account:

If you do this please use ref

001 – (then the cubs name)   e.g. 001 – Joe Bloggs

Account number       11705860

Sort code                      80 22 60

Alternatively you can complete the registration form and return it along with the appropriate fee.

Either way, payment must be with us by Friday 23rd May to ensure your child gets a place.

When meeting the Beavers when they return on Saturday evening and when the Campers return on Sunday at about 5.00pm could we ask that Parents do not park in St. Meddans Street in front of the Youth Centre but leave that space clear for the coach(es). Also please do not bring vehicles into the compound.

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