Giant Sleepover (GSO) 2015

This year will be our 12th GSO! 2014 was VERY successful however every 4th year we take a bit of a dip…so let’s have a huge effort this year to break this pattern. We use this event with 2 main purposes, firstly to give our members a really fun experience and secondly to raise much needed funding, which is used entirely by our group to further enhance our members experience in Scouting. Examples of where we use the money include (but are not limited to): camping equipment, indoor and outdoor activity equipment, upgrades to the hall infrastructure, games equipment and so on. This crucial Fundraising activity supports the quality and diversity of experience we provide for our members, of which we are rightly proud.


Saturday 13th to Sunday 14th June

What’s happening?

  • We will use the event to raise group funds, via sponsorship forms given to our Members.
  • We will offer excellent prizes for the most money raised by individuals (on return of money collected).
  • It will run from 2pm on Saturday and will finish at 10am on Sunday.
  • As usual, all our members (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers & Leaders) will be invited to the sleepover. Beavers, Cubs and Scouts will sleep in one of our halls, the Explorers will have their usual ‘all night’ Fire and many of the Leaders will be staying awake to provide supervision overnight (nowhere else to sleep!)
  • We will feed everyone with dinner (on the hoof) and breakfast.
  • All participants will receive a GSO badge (our own design).
  • Activities are planned to include Bungee Run, Bouncy Castle, Assault Course, MEGA Slide, Rodeo Bull, Sports Challenges & much more (hopefully Skateboarding/Scootering & MUGA)

The aim is for all to have as much fun as possible!

We will need Parent Help to make the event a success so please refer to separate email nearer the time.

What kit do I need?

Non-uniform, Sleeping Bag & Mat, Toothbrush & Paste, Sleeping Attire. (Nothing else needed – Simples!).

On the day?

Your child should register at the Hall on Saturday 13th June at 2pm, bringing their Kit & Sponsor Form. We will log the amount they are raising. After the various activities everyone will stay overnight at the Hall and will be due to leave at 10am on Sunday morning after breakfast.

We will return the Sponsor Form (where necessary) prior to departure to enable any outstanding money to be collected.

Money and forms are to be returned to the Section Leader as soon after the event as possible or your child can bring it all on the day.

Copies of this letter will be available via our Web site as will sponsor forms – we will also have a supply in the office. Each Member attending needs to raise a minimum £20 in order to attend. This covers costs and raises a little extra. The hope is that many will raise more than this. Last year the highest individual amount raised was a magnificent £220!

The event was a massive success. 182 young members took part, raising over £9000 after Gift Aid! This is our ONLY sponsored event of the year and we could beat 2014 if everyone puts in a huge effort! Most people found it easier to collect the money prior to the event and bring it with them on the day – bearing in mind it is very close to the summer holidays, this really really helps us.

What do I need to do now?

Please email us at the address for your Child’s Section (see below) to let us know if he / she will be attending or not.

Can you include in the email, your child’s Name and Section. Going by previous years we will have the vast majority of the Group taking part. Alternatively please inform the Section Leader on a Section Night so we know how many to expect.

It is like a Giant Party for the Group and we get to raise funds in the process!





In previous years we have had companies offering to sponsor part of the event, e.g. the Food for the event or the cost of one of the Inflatables. We would be more than happy to hear from anyone who has any suggestions or indeed any contacts who may be willing to offer sponsorship. This is also the case for anyone who wishes to supply possible prizes.

If you have a problem with email please hand a note in to your child’s Section Leader.

Sponsorship form

Need a replacement or better still an additional sponsor form?  Download it here.