Flights & Fun Sleepover


This is a single night sleepover from Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd March. Beavers should arrive at the Scout Hall on the Saturday at 10am (in full uniform) and will be finishing at 11am on the Sunday.

Who can go?

All Beavers from both Tuesday and Thursday nights are invited to attend this sleepover.

What will I get to do?

This sleepover is based on an aviation theme and will have a a variety of flight and air-plane based games and activities, with some invited guests from TheSkylab aviation road-show and paper air-plane competitions, meaning it will definitely be a fun weekend.

What kit do I take?

Have a look at the Indoor Sleepover Kit List.

Please, please if you want kit items back then mark them up with your child’s name. It is one of the most arduous tasks of any sleepover to match unnamed kit to upset beavers.

How much does it it cost?

The cost of the sleepover will be £10 per person.

Want to be part of this adventure?

Please submit the full Camp fee either by bank transfer or cash/cheque on or before 12th March.

Our Preferred method of payment (for Beavers) is now directly to our Beaver Account.

If you do this please use reference: 004 – (then the beavers name) e.g. 004 – Joe Bloggs

Account number: 12002062

Sort code 80 22 60

Cheques should be made payable to 28th Ayrshire Beavers and should be returned to the appropriate Section Leader.