Events to Christmas

Diary of Events:

Frid 5th to Sun 7th Oct – Lochearnhead Camp for older Cubs (Please note deadline is this Thurs – 27th Sept)

Sat 27th to Sun 28th Oct – Cub Activity Sleepover in Hall (Deadline Thurs 18th Oct)

Tues 30th Oct – Rowallan Halloween Parties (Fancy Dress and Normal Meeting Times)

Thurs 1st Nov – Fullarton Halloween Parties (Fancy Dress and Normal Meeting Times)

Sun 11th Nov – Remembrance Parade for Cubs, Scouts and Explorers (Full Uniform)

Sat 17th to Sun 18th Nov – Beaver Sleepover (Both Colonies, all invited) (Email nearer time)

Frid 30th Nov – Glasgow Scout Gang Show (Cubs and Families) (Booking now – payment by Thurs 25th Oct at latest)

Tues 18th Dec – Combined Rowallan Beaver and Cub Xmas Party (Party Clothes)

Thurs 20th Dec – Combined Fullarton Beaver and Cub Xmas Parties (Party Clothes)

Some Notes

Please take note of deadline dates as we must know our numbers in enough time to give us a chance to organise the appropriate resources.

Unless otherwise informed all Section Nights are Normal Uniform Meetings. We only have a holiday at Xmas and the Summer and remain open over ALL other holidays including Oct Week, Easter, Long Weekends and other holidays.

Subscriptions – Beavers £47 and Cubs £52. Thank you to all who have paid so far. Can we ask that the remainder are paid before the end of Sept please.

Payments – When making payments for anything we prefer cheques where possible. If paying by cash please bring exact amount in an envelope clearly marked. Please keep ALL payments separate as it gives us real problems when we get combined cheques for two or more different things. Please remember that we are handling payments for a number of things / events at any one time.

As the nights get darker and the weather is ‘the usual’ can we ask that you park in the street and walk in with whoever you are dropping off. At changeover times in particular we can have up to 80 children coming or going and having cars drive all the way into the compound is far too dangerous. Added to this we have a pile of excited kids who are not always paying attention, not the best of lighting and multiple cars competing for very few spaces. Also, some drivers unfortunately do not drive appropriately given the area they are using. ONLY Leader cars should be in the compound as we are there first and leave last.

We also want whoever is responsible for dropping off and picking children up to come into the Hall at the start and end of Meetings. Particularly in Winter the Leader Team do not want our Young Members leaving the Hall unaccompanied. Parents / Adults sitting in cars (particularly if its raining) and expecting their children to run out to the car presents an unnecessary risk and not one we wish to continue.

With the weather being so poor (was there a Summer?) there are a lot of School days where the pupils are kept in at break times. This often means they are as high as kites on a Meeting Night. This aside some of the behaviour we are getting on a night is far from good. We are not like school but do need Beavers and Cubs to behave at times and listen to the Leader Team. There are of course a few ‘persistent offenders’ and we have already spoken to some parents but can we ask that people generally remind their children that if they want to get the best out of a night then listening to the Leaders when asked would be a ‘good idea’.
Also making sure the last thing Beavers in particular do before they leave the house is visit the toilet as we get a ‘steady stream’ (excuse the pun) of them heading to the boys room throughout the night. A meeting is only 1hr 15mins long and while we would not stop anyone going to the toilet, some just appear to take the…mickey.
We get a lot of Beavers and some Cubs who suck their Neckies and chew their woggles. If you know your son does this can you perhaps do your best to dissuade him please!

Medical Forms
Thank you to those who have sent in completed forms already. As a point of safety we MUST have these forms as quickly as possible. Also your child CANNOT take part in any sleepover / camp or visit to outside organisations without a current Medical Form. Please pay careful attention to the instructions on how to complete the forms.

Finally, thank you to all those who have supported our Group so far and to those who will do so in the future. We have a large and active Group and the Leader team do their very best to give our Young Members Fun and Adventure, but we cannot do this without strong support from Parents.

Keep an eye out for emails, there will be more (usually shorter though). As ever, any queries just drop us an email or speak to the Leader Team on a Section Night.