All older Cubs from both Tuesday and Thursday Packs are invited to attend a weekend camp at Lochearnhead Scout Station.

We have this camp each year around the same time and they are always a great success – although we refer to this as a camp, sleeping accommodation will in fact be indoor in proper cabins.


This is a full weekend camp from Friday 3rd October to Sunday 5th October. We will be meeting at the Scout Hall on the Friday at 6pm leaving at 6.30pm latest and leaving Lochearnhead on the Sunday at 4.30pm, arriving back in Troon at 6.30pm approximately. Please remember all Cubs must travel to and from the Camp in full uniform.

Who can go?

Cubs have to be 9yrs or over by the start of Camp to be eligible to go.  Anyone not able or not wishing to attend will be invited to the activity sleepover at our halls on the weekend of 1st to 2nd November.

What will I get to do?

Due to the weather at this time of year the programme has always to be very flexible.  We hope to have an outdoor-based programme – this camp by tradition is wet and muddy therefore adequate spare clothing & footwear is essential – and include many activities required in the the Outdoor and Outdoor Plus Challenges.  If the weather is really bad then there is the facility for an indoor programme. Please take note of the specific kit requirements for this camp.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the weekend will be £45 per person.

Want to be part of this adventure?

Our Preferred method of payment (for Cubs) is now directly to our Cub Account.
If you do this please use ref 003 – (then the cubs name)  e.g. 003 – Joe Bloggs
Account number       11705860
Sort code                  80 22 60
If you have to pay by cheque then please make payable to ’28th Cubs’ however we hope most will pay by Bank Transfer.
**Important Note – This Reference (003) must only be used for Lochearnhead. We will issue new reference numbers as required for different activities etc.


About Lochearnhead Scout Station

Lochearnhead Scout Station is an old converted Railway Station and has superb facilities including heated sleeping cabins, toilets and showers, kitchen and dining room and various other rooms.  Everyone will gain an extra 2 Nights Away along with other areas towards badge work.