1. Staged Activity Badges have a turquoise background and are awarded for a variety of things.There have been a lot of new ones added to the list in 2015. There is also an International Staged Badge unique to Scotland.
    2. There are 7 new Challenge Badges, all of which need to be earned to complete the Chief Scout Silver Award. They are arranged on the Uniform as above however there is no set order.
    3. Chief Scout Award shown is the Silver Award which they hopefully achieve by the end of Cubs. Any Cub who was in Beavers and achieved their Chief Scout Bronze Award should wear it on their Cub Uniform in the position above and arrange the Cub Challenge Badges as shown.
    4. Charity Badge – This badge goes at the top of the left sleeve (above any Staged or Activity badges). Every year for past few years, we raise money for a selected charity. If a member is able to make a donation to the chosen charity then they are awarded with a badge to go on their uniform. If you have a badge from a previous year sown on your uniform then this is replaced with the current one (if earned) and the old one can go onto your campfire blanket.


Badges to transfer to Cub or Scout Uniform: (Only to be sewn on AFTER Investiture)

    • Any Staged Activity Badges (Highest ones only, e.g. If a Member has Nights Away 1 and 5 and Musician 1 and 2 then only the Night Away 5 and Musician 2 get transferred.
    • Current Joining In Award
    • Chief Scout Silver Award (if earned) is usually presented at the end of Cubs and the Moving on Award on the first night at Scouts, both of which go on the Scout Uniform. Similarly a Cub who earned the Chief Scout Bronze Award in Beavers should wear it on their Cub Uniform.


Badge position on Right sleeve and Purple Membership Badge remain constant for all Members from Beavers to Leaders, with only the Section Name Tape changing. (A new set of badges is given at Investiture into the next Section therefore none of these need transferred). To avoid any confusion, the sleeves on the photo are folded forward to show all badges. Please remember to stitch the badges on facing outwards.

All Activity / Staged Activity Badges go on the Left sleeve, in any order, starting at the top.

Members should not wear ANY Badges on their Uniform until after Investiture.

PLEASE do not glue / adhere badges onto Uniform as this makes removal or changing position very difficult. Please sew all badges in place.

Guidance will be given on position of all event badges, e.g. Giant Sleepover goes on left sleeve along with Activity Badges. Only current badges should remain on Uniform. Dated Badges should only be worn for that year, or like with GSO until the next one. Any surplus or old badges can be sewn on to a Campfire Blanket.