Cub Sleepovers

We have a few events coming up, as previously advised, that have a choice depending on age.

Cub Sports Themed Sleepover 23rd to 24th March

This is open to any Cub from either Pack who is too young or unable/not keen to attend the Skills Camp in April. (Cubs cannot attend BOTH Sleepovers – we get asked this every year) PLEASE note deadline for returns is Thursday 14th March.

We have been told that Marr Mini Rugby have a tournament on Sunday 24th March. This is unfortunate however we cannot change our date now. Obviously this will give a few Cubs a bit of a dilemma and both events will suffer to some degree. As with all our sleepovers etc we do not wish people to be leaving early so they can effectively do both. Clearly we would have problems planning a programme if some of our Cubs were to leave on the Sunday.

Skills Camp 27th to 28th April

Tents, cooking on open fires, camping Skills etc (weather dependent). We have been lucky in recent years with the weather, although it did drop below freezing last year! Should it be particularly bad we will not be putting the tents up and the Cubs will sleep in the hall. Cubs need to have reached the age of 9yrs by end of 2012 or your child is a Sixer or Second.

We realise some of the Cubs who are close to the age split may be disappointed but as I am sure you will appreciate we have to draw the line somewhere. Also, some of the older ones may prefer to go to the Sports Sleepover which is not a problem. The Sports Sleepover will actually be great fun. We would however prefer that all our Sixers and Seconds attend the Skills Camp as it is more important for them.
Remember all our Cubs will get the chance to Camp at Group Camp (slightly larger area of grass!) for 2 nights!