Cub Centenary Sleepover

All Cubs from both Tuesday and Thursday Packs who are too young or unable to attend the Skills Camp in May are invited to attend this sleepover.


This is a single night sleepover from Saturday 12th to Sunday 13th March. Cubs should arrive at the Scout Hall on the Saturday at 2pm (in full uniform) and will be finishing at 4pm on the Sunday.

Who can go?

Any Cub who for whatever reason is not attending Cub Skills Camp.  Please note Cubs cannot attend both events.

What will I get to do?

This sleepover is based on our Cub Centenary and will have a a variety of exciting challenges (You will find out what these are on the weekend!) There will be a number of team challenges and games during what will definitely be a fun weekend!

    • All Cubs attending will get a Night Away to add to your totals (Badges awarded for 1 to 5, 10, 15 & 20 Nights)
    • It will cover a number of areas of the new Challenge Badges!
    • Each participant gets points for their Six!
    • There will also be loads of games as well as plenty of food to eat!

What kit do I take?

Please have a look at the Indoor Sleepover Kit List

How much does it cost?

The cost of the sleepover will be £10 per person.

Want to be part of this adventure?

Please bring in the full Sleepover fee to the appropriate Section Leader on or before Thursday 3rd March. Cheques should be made payable to 28th Cubs or you can pay cash. Please do not pay by Bank Transfer for this Sleepover.