Cub Centenary 2016

As many may know, 2016 is a VERY significant year for Cub Scouts – we are 100 years old! The programme in 2016 will have a number of events and activities to mark our Centenary as well as our usual packed agenda!

  • We will issue a special edition Cub Centenary Badge in January to all current members.
  • We will hold a Thanks Party to thank former, current and future volunteers (Leaders and Helpers).
  • We are participating in the ‘Big Birthday Bash’ at Scottish Scout HQ, Fordell Firs, Fife in June.
  • We aim to participate in the Regional Centenary Camp at Dumfries House in September (23-25th TBC).
  • We will hold a Promise Party on Friday 16th Dec to mark the exact day of our Centenary!

OH and a whole lot of other exciting stuff!

Scottish Cubs 100th Big Birthday Bash

“Cubs celebrate their Centenary next year, and Fordell Firs National Activity Centre (Fife) is inviting them to party in style! The Scottish Cubs 100th Big Birthday Bash will be held between Friday 3rd June and Sunday 5th June 2016 and Cub Packs from across Scotland are invited. The Camp will be a fun packed activities camp with 7 hours of activity sessions, Sub Camp run programmes, Opening and closing Ceremonies and of course a great big Fordell Camp Fire Sing song. It promises to be a camp to remember. Every Cub participating will also receive a special souvenir”.

We took part in the Cubs 90th Big Birthday Bash at Fordell in 2006 and it was a fantastic experience! The activities were great, the campfire spectacular, many new friends were made and our lot had a blast! We would love to take our Cubs back to Fordell for what promises to be a camp/party to remember! Here are a few things to consider:

Date: 3rd to 5th June 2016

Cost: TBC however we plan to have a Bag Pack hopefully in January or February plus a couple of other fund raisers to bring down the cost for everyone. The more we raise, the cheaper it will be! If everyone does their bit we can raise a LOT of money and it will ALL go to support our Centenary year!

Who can go?: Anyone from both our Packs who will be a Cub in the session running up to the summer holidays. This includes any Beavers who move up to Cubs in January.

What do you need to do now?

We appreciate June is a long way off however we MUST have a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ from every member to allow us to put in an accurate booking in January. The sooner people start letting us know the better. PLEASE note this is a Camp run by HQ Staff and as such we must abide by their booking procedure. If your child does not wish to go then there is a change of mind after the booking is made then we will not be able to accommodate them as we do on our own camps!

We are looking to start the Register for Camp immediately so please make life a lot easier for us and do not leave it to the last minute. Reply to our email as soon as you can, with a yes or no. Also, SHQ will be looking for a Deposit of £20 soon after we place the booking so if possible we really need this be paid to us before we break up at Xmas. We will accept Cash, Cheques or Direct Bank Transfers to our account using the Ref 100 – (then your child’s name). e.g. 100 – Joe Bloggs.  Our Account Number is 11705860 and Sort Code is 80 22 60

Please have a look at some old pics from the 90th Birthday Bash!

Bookings open before we start back so we MUST know from EVERYONE before we stop for Xmas! We would encourage all our Cubs to go however accept that not everyone will. As long as we get 60 or more wishing to go then we will confirm our booking on 6th January. Should we be unsuccessful in our booking and lose out to other Groups then deposits paid will be held against those concerned for camps leading up to the summer so you will not lose that money if we do not go.

Looking forward to a fantastic year ahead as we celebrate 100 Years of Cub Scouting!

The Cub Leader Team!