Cub 100 Promise Night

All Cubs and families from both our Packs are invited to participate in the UK Promise Night which is the last celebration of our Centenary Year!

When and Where?

6.15pm on Friday 16th Dec at St Meddans Church followed by a short event back at our Scout Centre. Finishing at approx 8.30pm (see below). 

Who can go?

All Cubs from both our Packs as well as any family members.

All Leaders regardless of Section.

Former Cubs and Leaders from our Group as well as other invited guests.

What will happen?

All Members should be in full and correct uniform.

On arrival at St Meddans Church, everyone should enter via the rear door to the halls in Church Street. Leaders will be on hand to direct people at that point however essentially, families will be shown into the Church and Cubs will remain in one of the rear halls.

People should arrive from 6.15pm but can we ask everyone to have arrived by 6.30pm at the latest as timing for this event is important. We hope to have some pictures showing on arrival to keep people entertained! At 6.45pm the Cubs will enter the Church and take up position after which the event will commence. There are a number of things planned for the evening, which will be very much aimed at our young members. Please note although the venue is a Church this is not a Church Service. As part of the event, all Members will be asked to renew their Promise at 7.16pm which is exactly 100 years since the launch of Wolf Cubs! Cubs past and present right across the UK will be joining together to mark this very special occasion.

In addition to the centenary celebration, we will be presenting the Chief Scout Silver Award (highest award in Cub Scouting) to all those who have achieved it this session, as they prepare to move to Scouts after Christmas. We hope all recipients and families can make an extra special effort to attend.

The ‘formal bit’ will finish at 7.45pm at which point the Cubs will leave via the rear hall and return to the Scout Centre with the Leaders. Families and other guests will be asked to leave via the main front Church door and join us at the Scout Centre (front building) for the cutting of the cake etc. We will have a selection of non-alcoholic drinks and some cake for everyone and there will be the opportunity to chat to leaders, see a few pictures etc and catch up with some old friends. There will be a semi-formal thank you around 8.30pm (ish) after which people can leave at their leisure or stay and chat for a while.

What do I need?

Apart from uniform for members, there is nothing else required and no cost for the event. Unless the weather is particularly bad can we ask Members not to wear jackets etc over their uniforms as this will make life a lot easier at the end! It is also just a short distance from the Church to our hall.


Can we ask that drivers use the surrounding streets to park in if required. There will be no room or access in our compound. Please take particular care on arrival and departure as it is likely to be very busy. Thank you.

We hope everyone will come and be part of this historic event so…

PLEASE remember to respond with a Yes or No to the OSM invite!