The Scout Promise:

On my Honour I Promise
Do to my Best to
Do my duty to God and the Queen
to Help other People
And to keep the Scout Law

It has been our practice for the last few years at this time to collect some money to gift to a charity of our choice. Last year we sent £1000 to the RNLI.  In previous years funds went to Unicef (£1000), Shelter Box (£1200) and Scouting in Malawi (£1600). Scouts (all Sections) who contribute wear a special (limited to the 28th only) Badge on their Uniform during 2014.

This year the Group Leader Team have chosen the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Scottish SPCA), Scotland’s animal welfare charity. The Scottish SPCA encourages kindness to animals, aims to prevent cruelty through education, investigates abuse, rescues animals in distress and finds animals new homes. The Scottish SPCA is entirely separate from the RSPCA, which operates in England and Wales only.

So – what can we do?

Your child will by now have received a tube of Smarties. The first task is the easy one – eat the Smarties!! Then with the help of friends/neighbours/relatives/work colleagues etc fill the tube with 20p pieces.

Please be sure to return the tube – hopefully filled to the brim! – not later than the week ending 20th December to your child’s Section Leader. Please sellotape the tube at each end and also make sure your child’s name is clearly shown.

Early next year those who support the project will receive a specially commissioned badge to wear on their Uniforms throughout 2014.

I hope you will feel able to support this very worthwhile project.  With over 200 members we should be able to send a significant gift to the Scottish SPCA.

David Mathieson
Group Scout Leader