Our 300 Club has been operating on a fairly low key basis for some 20 years but continues to make an important contribution towards our fund raising. Currently we have about 70 loyal members many of whom are the Parents of children who have long since ceased to be members of the Group. I would like to grow the membership by another 100 from the 200 or so current Group Members.

For those who have not come across the concept this is how it works:-

We can have up to 300 Members each of whom is invited to pay a minimum of £12.00 per year to the Group by Standing Order direct to our Bank. Each month a draw is made and 50% of the Income is paid out to the winning numbers. The balance goes into Group funds. The arithmetic is simple. With 200 members there would be an income of £200.00 per month meaning Prize Money to be distributed of £100.00 with the same sum staying with the Group earning £1200 each year. With a full complement of contributing members the Group’s funds would increase by £1800 per year.

If you feel able to assist with this aspect of our fund raising please complete and return to me the Membership Form either to my home address or via your child’s Section Leader and pass the Standing Order Form to your Bank or set up a payment on line if you use Internet Banking.

To keep matters simple we only accept payments by Standing Order on an Annual basis. (It is quite in order for increased contributions of £24.00 to be made.)

If you have a query please do not hesitate to contact David Mathieson, GSL.