Subscription fees
Subscriptions are payable for each section as follows:

Section Amount Notes
beaver-logo-linear £60 Payable at the start of September
cubs-logo-linear £65 Payable at the start of September
scouts-logo-linear £95 Payable in 2 installments at the start of September and January
explorers-logo-linear £90 Payable in 2 installments at the start of September and January


What does the Membership Subscription cover?
Each year, every Member of the Group is required to pay a Membership Subscription. These fees ensure that financially we are able to run safe, effective and efficient Beaver, Cub, Scout and Explorer Programmes for your child(ren).
Included in the subscription are the following items:

  • Cost of Headquarters services to the Movement and the costs of organising and administering the Association, and to meet the Association’s obligations to World Scouting.
  • Cost of the local Scout District.
  • Cost of the Group to cover administration, building insurance, personnel accident and medical expenses insurance,utility costs, maintaining our scout hall, maintaining, repairing and replacing our tents and equipment and to subsidise certain group events.
  • Cost of the section weekly activities including materials, books, badges and prizes.


All the costs are reviewed each year and you will be informed of any changes to the costs by your section leader.

Throughout the year there will be the need to raise additional funds for the Group and section activities such as camps etc. These other costs within the Group are met by: Parent(s)/Guardian(s); or fundraising events, grants and donations.

It is group policy that the additional fundraising that is carried out is used to develop group activities and provide improved resources for scouting activities. Fundraising is not used to subsidise the level of subscriptions.

When should the Membership Subscription be paid?
Membership Subscriptions are payable at the start of September (split between Sept and Jan for Scouts). You will receive notification of the amount of the subscription from your Section Leader. The level of subscriptions is set each year by the relevant section leaders and authorised by the Group Scout Leader.

How to Pay

Bank Transfer as instructed by individual Sections (preferred method) – please allocate the appropriate code to your payment.
If you are unable to use Bank Transfer then please forward Cash/Cheque to a leader on weekly section night. Cheques should be made payable to (insert cheque account details per section). Write the name of the young person(s) on the back of the cheque. The leader will record your payment.

Process for non-payment or late payment of Monies
To ensure that monies are paid as stated in this policy the following course of action will take place if payment is not received in the following timescale:

  1. If payment is not received by the 4th week of the term that it is owed the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be sent a reminder letter or e-mail whichever is used normally for correspondence. If the monies owed are not received within 14 days from the date of the letter / e-mail or no contact has been made with the leader in charge of the young person(s), the membership will be suspended.
  2. No monies (additional funds) will be accepted for other activities for your young person(s) and they will not be allowed to attend one of these activities until all Membership Subscription fees have been paid in full.
  3. Where financially possible the Group operates a genuine hardship policy and will not exclude a young person through an inability to pay. Please contact your Section Leader confidentially and we will talk with you (in confidence) about ways we may be able to help you. We would never want to see anyone having to leave the Group because of the cost of subscriptions.


Gift Aid
The Group is now able to recover income tax on any donation, including subscriptions. The only criteria is that the individual making the donation has to pay income tax or capital gains tax of at least the amount to be recovered by the Group. Please complete the form that we will send you via email so we can recover 25p for each £1 of subscription from the “Tax Man”, with no additional cost to you.